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Our Mission

Connecting Family, School, and Community to empower kids to achieve life-long success!

Audubon Kids Zone seeks to break the cycle of poverty by focusing on the next generation with educational and social support structures that provide opportunities for disadvantaged youth. The foundational components of AKZ are listed below:

1. Intentionally selecting a neighborhood in which enough kids can be deeply impacted at levels that will cause a significant change in the culture of a community.

2. Providing comprehensive support from birth to college by creating programs and services that provide an uninterrupted stream of support.

3. Connecting the surrounding community of residents and institutions to provide strong environments to support the success of every child we serve.

4. Measuring outcomes to ensure that progress is real and tangible. Results are the driving force for individual support and program development.

5. Closing the gap between support structures to be sure that every kid receives maximum opportunities to build on their capacity to learn and succeed.

Our Mission

Our Story

Audubon Kids Zone was born from a series of breakfast meetings by Engage Henderson, a group of people involved in seeing positive movements in the city, especially in the East End. Engage Henderson consisted of City Government officials, interested individuals, neighborhood residents, South Heights School personnel, and corporate businesses.


In February 2015, a partnership between Community One, the City of Henderson, South Heights Elementary School, and the Raymond B. Preston Family Foundation was formally announced. This culminated in the Audubon Kids Zone project. AKZ was founded to provide support to a defined area of children in the East End, with the end result being graduation from college and the elimination of generational poverty. Two years of intensive assessment of neighborhood strengths and needs began by conducting focus groups and interviewing individual households and businesses. The data gathered from these assessments proved the need for a Kids Zone in the East End area.

Audubon Kids Zone officially opened for tutoring services in March 2017. A full summer program followed the school year with Summer Sizzler events in June and July. Tutoring and enrichment classes continued in the fall to support what is now the Audubon Kids Zone.

Our Story

Our Values

The AKZ - 5

1.   Kid-Centric:

       Focused on the success of one child multiplied by the house, by block, and by neighborhood.

2.  Zero Through College:

       Shaping the early years and providing support for the entire journey.

3.  Metrics Matter:

       Measuring performance and achievement knowing support must be targeted for success.

4.  Neighborhood Support:

       Improving neighborhood culture and environments that contribute to a kid's success on the streets where they live.

5.  Equipping for Life

       Shaping the character, skills, and dreams of the next generation in a geographic area to contribute to the future of the city.

Our Values
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Our Team

We are a team of passionate individuals from all different walks of life, coming together for one sole purpose: making a difference in the lives of children and families in the East End.

Kacee Campbell
Interim Executive Director
Molly Melvin
Academic Enrichment
Bobbi Jo Marx
Communications & Marketing Director
Neon Artboard 4-100.jpg
Erin McKee
Human Resources
Gemma Phillips
Strong Starts Supervisor
Erica Madole
WrapAround Care Coordinator
Isaiah Johnson
Teen Program Supervisor/
WrapAround Care Coordinator
Hailey Black_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Hailey Black
WrapAround Care Coordinator
Whitney Howard
Academic Enrichment Assistant
Karen Hardin
Academic Enrichment Assistant
Jo Douglas
Academic Enrichment Assistant
Clint Alexander
Academic Enrichment Assistant
Mary Dunham_edited.jpg
Mary Dunham
GAIN Anti-Poverty Coordinator
Neon Logo w_ Black Background Artboard 4-100.jpg
Abbi Embry
Academic Enrichment Assistant
Nivea Carter
Neighborhood Coordinator

Our Board of Directors

Ellen Redding
Board President
Self Employed
Jeff Jackson
Wealth Management Field & Main Bank
Neon Black Artboard 4_4x-100.jpg
Ann Hodge
Neon Black Artboard 4_4x-100.jpg
Scott Vaughn
Gibbs Diecasting 
Janeth Nochols.jpeg
Janeth Nicolas
Director of Nursing
Matthew 25
Neon Artboard 4-100.jpg
Jean Carver
Ron Alexander
Henderson County School - Custodian
Anthony Melvin
Special Education Teacher
South Heights Elementary
Lindsey James Williams
Musician Self-Employed
Jacob Campbell_edited.jpg
Jake Campbell
Neon Black Artboard 4_4x-100.jpg
Tami Whitmore
Our Team

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Check out our available positions here!

“Kids can succeed if we provide the support they deserve long term and don’t give up on them! It’s the most secure investment we can make!”

- Rob Carroll

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Audubon Kid Zone

1325 Powell St.
Henderson, KY 42420
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